A Saturday Night

Friday was a pretty exhausting day for all of us. Carey and I spent most of the day at the hospital in and out of triage, walking the halls, and thinking that it was the big day. But even after lots of intense contractions and countless laps around the hospital, my labor completely stopped and I wasn't dilating past 3cm. Finally, we went home to crash.

Eli had a fun-filled day with some super sweet friends of ours. I had told him that he would get to meet his little brother that night, but somehow I don't think he was too disappointed with remaining the only child for a bit longer =)

So this weekend has become a waiting game. Will I go back into labor? Is my water going to break? We decided to stay in our comfy clothes on Saturday and relax the day away. To help pass the time I picked up my camera to capture our lazy Saturday night. Eli's on his kindle figuring out the new Thomas the Train app I just downloaded for him, and Carey is watching Jeopardy. And, of course, we indulge in some ice cream...

Eli and Momma's go bags ready to roll!


some educational reading... at least we hope =)

ice cream is a communal dish around here!
new toy to help keep little man happy and distracted