Carver Steven

Our sweet baby boy #2 was ready to get outta there.  Thank goodness we were at the hospital for an induction, otherwise, Carey would have delivered him in our car on the side of the road somewhere.  Probably in the parking lot of the Fubar bar on 210.

But, we were at Womack in the care of an amazing nurse, a great team of doctors, and a midwife who was my coach and cheerleader.  I was induced with Pitocin and it got the ball rolling very quickly.  The doctor came in to check me after about two hours when my contractions started to pick up and I was 5cm dilated.  Five minutes later I was ready to push, and about ten minutes later my precious little baby was laying on my chest.  No time for one of those sweet, sweet epidurals - he came out the old fashioned way.

Unfortunately, he came out so quick that Carey actually missed the birth.  He was down on the first floor waiting for a friend to come pick up Eli.  But he did walk in just in time to cut the cord, and Eli got to meet his baby brother fresh out of the womb.  He was a very attentive and loving big brother that night and has been every day since.  I'm not going to lie - that has sort of shocked me.  I'm sure the jealousy thing will kick in at some point, and I fully expect many fights in the future.  But for now, I love the way they interact.

I envisioned taking a lot of pictures of Carver while we were in the hospital, and then lots more newborn pics when we got home.  But it turns out I was pretty tired.  So I didn't get as many shots as I wanted, but here are the favorites...