Cycle 1 | Out-patient

Carey compared his first day of treatment on Thursday to the first day of school: exciting, scary, and new. You sort of know what to expect, but there's still enough unknown to make the day exhilarating. We had our clothes set out the night before and arrived to the clinic a half hour early - just to be sure we weren't late. It was nice to be there so early while everything was still calm and quiet. I snapped some pics to give you all a peak of the facility he's being treated at.  It's really a beautiful place. Once his IV was going there wasn't a whole lot left to do except sit back and relax. 

The doctor warned us that the first week after each treatment would probably be rough.  He was right. Carey has been pretty sick so please pray the side effects of the chemo wear off soon.  

One treatment down, sixteen to go...  

Words of encouragement on the floor

We're always greeted with a friendly face

Bicep photo bomb

P.A. Tara, she's awesome

charming yet another nurse =)

It's about a 10 hour day so we bring lots of nourishment!
So proud of Eli for being good for Granny!  This is a list of things he helped with =)