Cycle 2 | In-patient

It's always tempting to sugar coat things. We are guilty of giving the standard answers like "we're good" or "it's fine", or at least I'm guilty of that. Carey is much better at being bluntly honest than I am. I suppose I don't want people to think that we're negative or weak. But here goes the non sugar coated description of this past week: it was awful. The treatment they have him on is intense and his body seems to be pretty sensitive to it. We can only hope this means the tumors are sensitive to it as well.

But... it is over now and he is home with us! We have a good handle on his meds so it's been a little easier dealing with his symptoms this go around. Carey is truly pushing through all of this like a champ - his strength is amazing.

We're so grateful for those who came and sat with him at the hospital. It gave me such peace of mind to know that he wasn't there alone when I needed to be at home. And Mema did an incredible job of watching the boys and keeping up with the house. I was able to spend plenty of time at the hospital knowing all was well with our kiddos.

Thanks so much for all your continued prayers and support.  We love you guys.

Two treatments down, fifteen more to go.  Pressing on.