Cycle 4 | In-patient

Last week was a whirlwind. Eli started preschool and it was quite tough for this momma to leave her baby kicking and screaming. But I was reassured each day that he calmed down quickly after I left and played well with the other kids. I wasn't able to spend very much time in the hospital with Carey during this cycle, but when Eli transitions to full days at preschool in January I'll be able to be at the hospital all day.

As always, Carey's chemo was tough. Really tough. The physical and emotional toll this takes on him is simply indescribable. We keep hoping this will all somehow get easier, but honestly, it just keeps getting more difficult.  When I pray I can only seem to utter one phrase - please heal him.  I just say it over and over not really able to conjure up anything else.  I should be praying for my kids, other family members, the less fortunate, etc., and I used to.  But now that's it.  Three simple words.  I'm thankful that God knows my heart and is not bothered by the fact that I don't offer up long, elaborate prayers.  I'm also thankful that so many people across the country and even across the world are lifting our family in prayer and supporting us in so many wonderful ways.

I actually forgot to bring my camera to the hospital this time. So instead of hospital pics here are just a few pics from around the house.  This is two days post-treatment and Carey was resting while the kiddos were just being kiddos. Mema (my mom) was out picking up some groceries - it's a team effort around here and we'll never be able to fully express how grateful we are that my mom is here!!!

Your continued prayers are so appreciated, and we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Four treatments down, thirteen to go.  Just keep swimming =)

Carey's study where he can sit back and enjoy a good book or take a snooze
The jump-er-roo was Eli's fav and now it's Carver's fav too =)
Eli's new awesome chair - an early bday present from Mema!
showing off his new talent of rolling over
and on to his tummy he rolls =)