Cycle 5 | Out-patient

I'll keep this post short and sweet since our whole house is not feeling the greatest right now (sharing all our cold germs!).  This cycle was fairly uneventful.  We've learned that Carey needs to sleep the majority of the time each day for at least three days post-treatment - so we've had a fairly relaxing weekend.  Thursday will be another big scan day for his leg and we are really hoping to receive some concrete good news.  We'll also be talking with the radiology oncologist on Thursday about the upcoming radiation treatment.  Looking forward to learning more about what all that will entail, but we do know that he'll start it on the first Monday in January and will receive radiation every day, Monday through Friday, for six weeks.

Hope you all are enjoying this holiday season.  We can't wait to have Carey's parents and brother here with us for Christmas in just a few days!  Being surrounded by family is the best gift of all :)

Five treatments down, twelve to go...

soup, soup, soup, and more soup
P.A. Erin, words can't express how wonderful she's been.