Scan Results 1

waiting for his MRI scan
'dress'ed up and ready to roll  =)

Today we got some good news and some not great, but not necessarily bad news.  The cancer hasn’t spread and that is good news – actually it’s great news.  That was our biggest fear going into this morning.  However, the tumor on his adrenal gland has grown slightly larger.  This growth could have occurred between the time of the initial scan on August 8th and the first chemo treatment which was on September 11th.  So it’s very possible the chemo is in fact doing it’s job and stopping the growth or even shrinking the tumor.  

They couldn’t do both the CT on his abdomen and the MRI on his leg on the same day so the MRI is scheduled for next week on Thursday.  His oncologist is very encouraged that Carey’s calf is visibly smaller and easier to walk on.  So we look forward to that MRI bringing us some good news. 

Thank you so much for all your prayers – especially today.  They were felt.  I went from being extremely anxious on the car ride to the cancer clinic to having an abundant amount of peace after asking for prayer.  I know that is not just a coincidence.  We’re so grateful for each and every one of you who continue to love, support, and uphold our family in your prayers. 

Tomorrow is an outpatient chemo day for cycle 5.  We’ll continue  to keep you all posted.