Cycle 7 | In-patient and Radiation

in patient chemo treatment

Some good news... Carey is now past what has been the most difficult portion of his treatment thus far.  The radiation enhances the effects and symptoms of the chemo, which is great from a treatment perspective, but not so great as far as the side effects go.  The fatigue and nausea have been extra strong and more difficult to handle. 

We reached a bit of a breaking point yesterday when we were sitting in the Cancer Center.  Carey needed to go in unexpectedly to get fluids for dehydration, and neither of us felt we could do this anymore.  It’s too much.  This is way too tough on his body.  He’s miserable, and I’m overwhelmed.  A very sweet friend came to get Carver for me, and Carey and I spent the day trying to figure out how to move forward with all of this.  We’re starting to see some good results, but how much is too much suffering?  It was the most difficult day since our first visit to the Cancer Center in mid August last year. 

After speaking with his doctors yesterday, and again today, we have a few different options moving forward.  They are going to add some additional radiation treatments to his schedule, and also increase the intensity.  That will have him finishing radiation the last week of February.  At that point they are going to scan everything and we will sit down with all his doctors and re-evaluate.  Another dose reduction is possible, and surgery is another possibility.  We want so badly to do what’s best, but also not more than what Carey’s body can handle. 

So by the end of the month we will be past the most difficult treatments, and will start with a new game plan.  Please pray for wisdom.  These are some painfully difficult choices.   

But to end on a bright note - we have lots of family and friends coming to visit in the next few weeks and we are SO excited!!  The response to Carey’s retirement ceremony has been amazing (I still have a few invites to mail out… sorry they’re so late :/ ).  I have no doubt it will be an awesome time.  Not a day goes by that we don’t talk about how blessed we are for the love in our lives.  It’s super clich√©, but the gift that cancer gives is truly a new appreciation for life, and a fresh appreciation for the loved ones who make life beautiful.

We can't say it enough... thank you so much for all of your prayers and support.  It means the world to us.  God is unchanging.  His goodness, love, mercy, and peace are present in both good times and in difficult times.  He is comforting us in new ways every day and I am confident that is because we are covered in your prayers.  So again, thank you.  

(when Carey starts feeling better, I’ll add some pics to this post =)