Family Vacation

We managed to survive our first road trip as a family of four!  Someone should of warned us how exhausting 'vacationing' would be with two crazy little boys =)

Our two day drive took us on up to the BEAUTIFUL Silver Lake in Traverse City, MI.  We had some nice, relaxing family time, and also enjoyed a few days with our beloved friends (who I didn't get nearly enough pics of! - next time).  Hoping this becomes an annual tradition because we had such an amazing time.

Next, we drove back down south to my hometown, Marysville, MI, to start the celebration!  Becca and Danny's wedding and all of the festivities surrounding it was SO FUN!  We needed some time to cut lose and enjoy ourselves... and we did!  It was a beautiful wedding a we're so happy for our sista and bro as they join their two families and start their lives together.  We love you guys!!

So all in all, we had an amazing time with family and friends, and we loved getting to enjoy some Michigan summer weather.  Everything was perfect... except for that part when we had to say good-bye and drive back home.

And a for a quick family update... Carey has some great job leads we're hoping he'll start a new job soon.  Eli is doing great and still loves preschool - he blows us away with his intelligence and memory skills.  Carver just turned one!  He gets cuter and more mischievous by the day =)

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful summer!