March Scans

Yesterday we met with Carey’s oncologist to discuss the latest scans.  We were dreading this meeting because Carey has been pretty sick lately and we had been told it was most likely due to the cancer progressing – which, of course, is the last thing we want to hear.  However, the tumors in his leg and adrenal gland are still unchanged.  The tumors in his lungs and lymph nodes are getting bigger, and at least one new tumor popped up, but they are all still very small (about 2cm and smaller).  So nothing of immediate concern.  That is a huge answer to prayer!

As far as treatment, surgery and radiation are not options due to how spread out the cancer is.  So please pray as we look into some alternative options and attempt to do what's best.

Carey does still feel pretty yucky at times.  His oncologist wasn’t able to give a clear answer as to why, only that it is probably a mix of things rather than just the cancer making him sick.  His body just gets worn down much easier after all of the chemo and radiation it endured last year.  He needs to pace himself and try not to over expend his energy. 

Please continue to pray to our BIG God for a BIG miracle.  Time is a gift, and we will graciously accept every bit we can get. 

We love you guys and can't thank you enough for all the prayers and support.  We couldn't endure this journey without our amazing friends and family  <3